Cortex Carbon Airframe

Cortex Specifications

Retracts are included – standard with 235mm long legs
800mm Class Quadrocopter (1200mm with propellers fitted overall diameter)
Folds to only 770 x 400 x 150mm – With 15/16″ propellers and 40 Class motors
Landing Skids protect the propellers when folded
Cortex Carbon Airframe weighs only 1110g – Including Servo Operated Retracts
8x ESC, Power Board and your flight controller can all fit Inside* Not Included*

Through-frame ESC Cooling
2.0mm Thick Carbon Fibre Frame Plates
Stainless Steel Flat Fitting Torx Bolts
Fly with up to 3x 6S 10Ah Lithium Polymer Batteries
Flight Batteries mounted on the top frame plate – Practical
Supplied Assembled – Requires removal of the top frame plate and top motor mounts
to install electronics – Re-install the bolts with Loctite Thread Lock Adhesive

Get a Carbon Frame to build yourself!
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Purchasing a Cortex Carbon Airframe

We want you to get flying as quickly and as safely as possible! Everyone wants to be involved with Drones, or Multicopters as flying and operating them is a very rewarding experience. Building one adds to the achievement.

As you will need to add several types of third-party electronics to your Cortex, we strongly recommend contacting one of our Resellers for a complete set. They have everything in stock and have tested the combo’s they’ll offer you.

Please consider when you purchase just an airframe, that the carbon fibre frame will be about one-third, to one-fifth the cost of your completed drone, depending on your choice of components.

We only recommend the Cortex Carbon Airframe to drone builders and operators who are confident in their ability to safely & correctly install & calibrate all the electronics like ECSs, flight controller, receiver, gimbal and transmitter, which often come with wordy and confusing instructions.

For example we were asked if an “A2” flight controller (FC) can be fitted to the Cortex, we couldn’t recommend it simply because we hadn’t tried one ourselves. Some customers reported “drop in altitude” when slowing down to hover. This is maybe because we designed the Cortex to have the sensor at the font, (for a different FC), power board in the middle and flight controller at the back. Our sponsors have confirmed it may be the barometer in the sensor box at the front. And a simple wind shield like some tape or a panel seems to solve it. It’s also possible to put the sensor in the middle and move the power board or just make a wiring loom. There are plenty of smaller, less costly FCs that are ideal.

We’ve started a build thread with photos on this forum for your interest.