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March 2018 Update:

To contact CarbonCore, please use the email address, shown on the left.
eMails at this address have been read by the Director, almost daily for 7 years.
We can also be contacted through our Facebook page – CarbonCore Multicopter.
The FB page is also a great place to see our active updates, the photos we regularly share, and a way to interact by posting your comments and photos.
The contact form has been removed, as it appears to have never been reliable.
Our apologies to all customers whom used the old contact form, and may have been left wondering why we have not replied!
All CarbonCore kits and spares are in stock.
Cortex  X8, 500X4, Y6, Quad, Hexa, Octo and Leg Set.
New Cortex upgrades are also being tested.
There are now also LED shrouds that fit all CarbonCore’s except the 500X4.
There is also an Antenna Suit and folding mast for the PixHawk Cube 2.1.